Announcing Wodly Groups

16 Jun 2020

Today we are delighted to announce of newest feature, Wodly Groups! Wodly Groups allows gyms, personal trainers and athletes to create and share workouts privately with members or friends online. Create your workout catalog privately and track results in one place.

Wodly Groups

During the COVID lockdown, online gym and personal training programming really came into focus for many people. With this in mind, At Wodly we decided to build out some tools for gyms and personal trainers to share their programming and collect results securely and privately online.

With the release of Wodly Groups, any Wodly user can create a Group where they can add workouts to be done on a certain day. These workouts can be either public or private. Users can be added to these groups, once a member of a Group, users will be able to see your curated catalog of workouts and submit their results. If your workouts are private, only members of your group will be able to see them and add results. As the owner of a Group, you will get a dashboard which will allow you to see your group members results.

This is the first version of Wodly Groups. Currently there are limits to this feature. Any one user can only create 10 groups and each group can only have 30 members. We are working hard on an paid subscription plan which will allow paid users to have unlimited groups and unlimited group members.

If you run a gym or program for clients online, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would love to support you if you want to try out Wodly Groups.

Click here to get started with Wodly Groups!

Ian Carey
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