Hello Wodly

31 May 2019

Welcome to the world of Wodly! Learn what drives us and how to get the most from our platform.


Welcome to Wodly! We are delighted you came by. Given that you made it this far, I am assuming that you are interested in fitness, Weightlifting or health and fitness (or you were asked to come here by me, thanks guys!!). What I am not assuming is that you know what Wodly is or why you should use it. Well, Wodly is an online performance tracking platform and community for fitness. If that doesn't help you, read on and I will explain what Wodly is and what you can get from it!

What is Wodly?

As we already said, Wodly is an online performance tracking platform and community for fitness. Wodly posts a daily workout of the day (WOD) which is free for anyone to view and perform in their own time. Wodly also maintains a growing public database of popular (Murph, Fran, Grace etc.) and original workouts.

If you sign up for Wodly, you are given the ability to log your performance against the daily WOD and any other workouts in our database. You can choose your score to be public or private only to you. All public scores go into our database where they are ranked world wide against all other scores for the same workout.

Why should I use it?

We have a passion for fitness and for numbers. We wanted to create a great platform where not only could you track your own results but you could also get smart insights in your training. For example in the first version of Wodly we break down all of your workout results and can show you the number of different movements you have been practicing and what you might be neglecting.

See the breakdown of yours results.

The clever stuff doesnt end there, our tagging system means that you can breakdown workouts by their core movments and easily search for them. This makes it really easy to find a workout with a particular movement that you want to do.

Search workouts by tag
Find workouts that have the matching movements

There are many platforms that exist which give similar functionality to Wodly, however with Wodly there are a few key things that set it apart from other platforms.

  • Wodly is free! Our service is totally free to sign up for and use to track all of your workouts.
  • Other tracking platforms are not global and public, on Wodly you can see how your scores measure up against any other score recorded anywhere in the world in any other gym.
  • Wodly is smart - Wodly breaks down your scores and shows you the things you are doing the most of and the parts of your training you might be neglecting.

We know that our analytics are able to give the deepest insights right now, but we also know what it takes to get there. We need to grow and expand to improve the quality of what we can offer. We are only small but we are not discouraged!

Wrapping up

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! We really appreciate your support. We are passionate about the sport of fitness and eat, sleep and breath fitness. Thanks again for your support and without it, none of this would be possible. Keep an eye out here for new and original content and don't forget to sign up and follow us on Instagram to be kept up to date with all the latest news and workouts.

Ian Carey
Better. Every. Day.