New Features, Who Dis?

03 Mar 2020

At Wodly we have been working hard on some great new features including improved performance graphs, create your own workouts and our brand new Fitbit integration!

Fitbit Integration

Here at Wodly, we love data. Pure and simple, we believe that through data; we can learn and grow as athletes. On it's own, Wodly can collate results for workouts and modalities over time. This information is great but we also realise that many athletes use other tools to track their performance over time.

Fitbit are one of the world leaders in wearable technology for tracking health and performance. With Fitbit you can track your activities and see breakdowns of calories burned and heart rate during an activity. With our new Fitbit integration, you can now link this activity data with a workout result in Wodly.

Fitbit activity list
Fitbit linked activity

With this extra data you can now break down your performance over time in workouts by average heart rate. This is only the beginning, we are also planning on building out more breakdowns of workout results over time by calories burned and durations in heart rate zones.

Heartrate by Workout

To set up the Fitbit integration, head over to your profile page and check out the new integrations section to link to your Fitbit account.

Performance Graphs

We have added the ability to see your performance over time in workouts. Once you have logged some results, you can check them out on the work out details page, like below.

Workout progress over time

Create your own Workouts

When we launched Wodly, we always wanted to allow our users to create their own workouts and publish them publicly or keep them private for their own tracking purposes.

Originally we made the decision to restrict creating workouts to ourselves. We have decided to open this up to the world! Now when you navigate to our Workouts page, you will find a create button. Clicking this will bring you to the create workouts page.

Create your own workouts!

Here you can name your workout, add a description, select if the workout is for time, weight or reps and tag your workouts movements. Tags are important for making your workouts easy to search for. These tags also power most of Wodly's performance analytics breaking down your results by modality and movement.

Good workouts should be easy to read and understand and should be able to be described in only a few lines in the description box. Notes and Stimulus are both optional however we strongly recommend that all workouts contain these. Notes are usually reserved for scaling notes, extra descriptions and gottchas in the workout. The stimulus section is reserved for describing the idea behind the workout. What is the workout designed to test or develop? Is it a sprint? Is it slow and steady?

So go ahead, create your first workout!!

Wodly Mobile

Wodly was built as a web app originally. While Wodly is mobile optimised, nothing beats the feel of a native mobile app on the small screen. For this reason, we have taken the plunge into developing our first ever mobile application!

Wodly Mobile is currently under development and we are hoping to release this in the next few months. We are planning to release this on iOS first and on Android in the coming months. In the next few months we will be looking for beta testers for the iOS app, if you are interested please get in touch!

Ian Carey
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