Name Description
"1k Row" For time Row 1000m
"Friendly Fran" 3 rounds for time 21 Thrusters (52/39kg - 115/85lb) 21 Chest to Bar
Chest to Bar Thrusters
"Opposites Attract" For time 1,2,3...10 Toes to Bar Clean and Jerk (84/55kg - 185/125lb)
Clean and Jerk Toes to Bar
"Pushing Dead Weight" EMOM20 - alternating 10 Push Ups 5 Deadlifts (136/95kg - 300/210lb)
Deadlift Push Ups
"Jumping on Jelly" For time 20-15-10-5 Back Squat (102/73kg - 225/160lb) Burpee Box Jump Overs
Back Squat Burpee Box Jump Overs
"Fast Marathon" AMRAP 15 10 cal Row 10 Thrusters (43/29kg - 95/65lbs) 6 Pistols
Pistols Rowing Thrusters
"Buried" 5 rounds for time 50 Double Unders 10 Front Squats (84/55kg - 185/125lb) 50' Handstand Walk
Double Unders Front Squat Handstand Walk
"Death by Power Snatches" For reps Ascending EMOM (1, 2, 3...) Power Snatch (43/29kg - 95/65lbs) Workout ends when you fail to complete the reps in the minute.
Power Snatch
"Steady State Air Bike" AMRAP 30 Steady State Air Bike
Air Bike
"Pump Sesh" AMRAP 20 10 Ring Dips 10 Pistols 10 Strict Pull Ups
Pistols Pull Ups Ring Dips
"WOD-dling Home" 5 rounds 400m Run 10 Handstand Push Ups 50' Sled Drag (half body weight)
Handstand Push Ups Running Sled Drag
"Negative Split" For time 1k Row 50 Dumbbell Snatches (22.5/15kg - 50/35lb) 1k Row
Dumbbell Snatch Rowing
"Isa-Grace" For time 30 Snatches 30 Clean & Jerks (61/43kg - 135/95lb)
Clean and Jerk Snatch
"My Arms Hurt" AMRAP 15 10 Pull Ups 10 cal Air Bike
Air Bike Pull Ups
"Happy Days" For time 21-15-9 Pull Ups Snatches (61/43kg - 135/95lb) - 400m Run before each round
Pull Ups Running Snatch