Name Description
"All 'bout Extension" AMRAP 20 1k Bike Erg 10 Sandbag Cleans (70/50kg - 155/110lb)
Bike Erg Sandbag Clean
"When to Breathe" AMRAP 20 20 cal Bike Erg 15 Dumbbell Push Press (22.5/15kg - 50/35lbs) 10 Pull Ups
Bike Erg Pull Ups Push Press
"Death by Bike Erg" For reps Ascending EMOM (5, 6, 7...) Cal Bike Erg Workout ends when you fail to complete the reps in the minute.
Bike Erg
"Go Again" EMOM 15 Max cal Bike Erg - working 30 seconds
Bike Erg
"Cardio Adventure" For time 2k Row 2k Ski 4k Bike - partition as desired
Rowing Ski Erg Bike Erg
"1 and 2.5" 5 rounds for time 200m Run 500m Bike Erg
Running Bike Erg
"Bike Sprints" 5 rounds for reps 90 seconds Calorie Bike Erg - rest 2 minutes
Bike Erg
"C2 Triathalon" For time 6000m Bike Erg 4000m Row 2000m Ski
Rowing Ski Erg Bike Erg