Name Description
"WOD-dling Home" 5 rounds 400m Run 10 Handstand Push Ups 50' Sled Drag (half body weight)
Handstand Push Ups Running Sled Drag
"Long Walk Home" 4 rounds for time 30 Calorie Row 50ft Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge (25r-25l @ 1.5/1 pood) 50ft Sled Drag loaded with kettlebells
Rowing Sled Drag Overhead Walking Lunges
"Bike, Pull, Drag, Carry" AMRAP 20 Calorie Air Bike (15/12) 25ft Empty Sled Rope Pull 25ft Sled Drag loaded with kettlebells (2/1.5 pood - 32/24kg) 25ft Farmers Carry with kettlebells (2/1.5 pood - 32/24kg)
Air Bike Sled Drag Rope Sled Pull Farmers Carry